Jin Men Yi Tiao Gen Plasters 8s (Dragon Gold Brand) 龍金牌金门一條根精油贴布


Dragon Gold Brand Long Jin Pai Jin Men Yi Tiao Gen Plasters 8s 龍金牌金门一條根精油贴布

Jin Men Yi Tiao Gen Plasters (金门一條根精油贴布) contains a wide variety of herbal extracts and essential oils. With these herbal extracts, Yi Tiao Gen Plasters are cool and comfortable when applied ony our skin, suitable for general long-term body and health care.

Contains Glycine tomentella Hayata.


  • Cooling and comfortable sensation when applied onto hands, feets, shoulders, neck, joints, waist, back, acupuncture points and other parts of the body.
  • Great for usage after sports activities.

Direction and usage: Clean and dry area before application. Peel off the protective film and apply the 1x plaster to the affected area once a day.

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