Herbal Analgesic Oil 55ml 泰山品利千里追风油

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The ONLY Medicinal Oil you’ll ever need for your body pains and aches. Highly reviewed by many of our recurring customers.

Thye Shan Medical Hall is an expert at formulating the right kind of medicated oil to suit your needs. Our specially formulated medicated oil is infused with traditional medical herbs, soaked within the oil. This also allows for extreme absorption of oil for maximum effectiveness.

We have sold 1 million bottles of our widely-acclaimed Herbal Analgesic Oil, try now to find out why they are so popular among those who have tried it.

  • Indications: Promotes blood circulation; Attempts to remove blood stasis; Eliminates wind dampness; Relieves joint swelling and pain associated with rheumatic aches and sprains; Relieves pain from bruises.


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