Tai Ji Pure Moxa Roll 10pcs 太极 纯艾灸条


Tai Ji Pure Moxa Roll (10pcs) 太极 纯艾灸条

Introduction: Moxa Rolls have been used by countries in Asia for thousands of years, in the form of Moxibustion, which is the burning of Moxa Herbal Preparation. Composed primarily of leaves from mugwort plants, Moxa is known to be effective at promoting blood circulation, enhancing the body’s immune system, promoting overall health and longevity.

Tai Ji Pure Moxa Roll is made with natural mugwort plant leaves, without any other herbs or ingredients.

Benefits: Improve blood circulation, relieves joint and chronic pain, warm the body’s ‘meridians’ (jīngluò 经络).

Precaution: Not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin. During moxibustion, please use with care to avoid skin burning. Pregnant women should only use moxibustion under the doctor’s advice.

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