Cap Limau Yu Yee Oil (Ji Xiang Pai Ru Yi You) 10ml 吉祥双料如意油


Cap Limau Yu Yee Oil (Ji Xiang Ru Yi You) 10ml 吉祥双料如意油

More affectionately known as ‘Ru Yi You’, Yu Yee Oil is a tried and true solution to all your tummy discomfort needs. Distinctly known for its sweet peppermint smell, it is traditionally used to relieve winds and bloated stomachs, especially from babies. For decades, mothers have been using this herbal ointment and it has withstood the test of time as an effective solution for babies. Besides relieving stomach discomfort, Yu Yee oil can also reduce mild muscle and joint ache and pain of all ages. Contains essential oils suchs as Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil and Nutmeg Oil.

Indication: For babies with colic, stomach discomfort, bloated stomach or ‘wind’, or any individuals with mild muscle and joint aches, or pain.

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