Red Coral Honey Bee Apitherapy 120ml 新加坡红珊瑚 蜂疗


Introduction: Red Coral Bee Apitherapy is made with nano technology in Singapore, manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility, including proprietary technologies such as Plus + Biotechnology. 

Bee Apitherapy refers to the use of Bee-related products as an alternative therapy against illness and their systems. These include physical pain, acute or chronic injuries. Some of the bee-related ingredients include Bee venom, which contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Besides Bee Venom, Red Coral Bee Apitherapy is also made out of Camphor, Wintergreen Oil, Ginger Extract, and Safflower Extract.

Indications: Helps relief of Rheumatic Pain, minor chest pain, tired and painful muscles, joints and bones, inflammation and Swelling caused by bruises, Lumbago and Muscular Aches.

Attention: Keep out of reach of Children. Only for external use only. Not suitable for children under 3 years old and pregnant women.

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