Shi Quan Da Bu Wan 200s (Foci Brand) 佛慈 十全大补丸


Shi Quan Da Bu Wan 200s Lan Zhou Foci Brand 佛慈 十全大补丸

  • Indication: For individuals with a deficiency of ‘Qi’ and blood, pale complexion, and to invigorate the spleen. Also for individuals with loss of appetite, shortness of breath and palpitations, dizziness and spontaneous sweating, amnesia, fatigue and cold.
  • Actions: To warm and replenish ‘Qi’ and blood. Dispels wind, clears bodily heat, and expel toxins from the body.
  • Dosage: 8 to 10 pills, three times a day. Taken with warm water before meals.
  • Side effect: Not Observed
  • Key notes: Not advised to consume in conjunction with common cold medicines.
  • Contraindications: Not advisable to pregnant women and individuals with exogenous common cold aversion and wind-head syndrome. Do not consume common cold medicines while taking Shi Quan Da Bu Wan.

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