Yin Qiao Ge Gen Cold Remedy Tea 3x7g (Min He Lou) 鸣鹤楼牌 银翘葛根感冒茶


Yin Qiao Ge Gen Cold Remedy Tea 3x7g 鸣鹤楼牌 银翘葛根感冒茶

Product of Singapore

Indication: Used for headache and fever, cold and cough, mouth and tongue sores, throat pain and hoarse voice, and aversion to coldness, swollen cheek caused by heat rash Stomach ache caused by dampness and heat, bad breath caused by heat in the stomach, dry throat, and thirst.

Dosage: Three times a day, each time one packet, Brew one packet of herbal tea into boiling hot water for 10 minutes, strain and drink immediately. For the common cold, add two slices of ginger into the tea.

Contraindications and Side effects: No known contraindications and side effects.

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