Anti-Sore Throat and Heatiness Capsules (Natural Growth Brand) 20s 强力喉痛清热丸


Anti-Sore Throat and Heatiness Capsules Natural Growth Brand 20s 强力喉痛清热丸

Introduction: Sometimes deep fried dishes and even barbecued meals can be hard to resist, but frequent consumption of such dishes can lead to heatiness or Sore Throat, flu, fever or even diarrhea. This is why Anti-Sore Throat and Heatiness capsules are recommended as a preventative medicine for such conditions. These Sore Throat relieving and heatiness relieving capsules in a travel friendly pack, suitable for both home use and use while travelling outside. Made in Singapore.

Indications and Actions: Tonsillitis, and to relieve mouth, gum and tongue infections. Capsules also help to relieve heatiness.

Dosage: Adult – 1 to 2 capsules, 2 to 3 times daily.

Contraindication: Not suitable for exogenous cold aversion.

Side effect: Not observed.

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