What are Chinese Medicine Shops? Introduction to Medical Halls

Traditional Chinese Medicine store

Everything about TCM shops

Over the years, Singapore has a large number of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Shops opened, hailing from countries such as China or Malaysia, or even by locals. These Chinese medicine shops are usually where most people shop for their daily TCM needs, such as herbal tonics, precious herbs, or even Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM).

TCM is a system of medicine with over 3,000 years of rich history. Primarily, TCM focuses on the balance of energy and is based on the principle of Yin and Yang.

In case you are wondering what is Yin and Yang in TCM, Yin refers to the Qi (Energy) that are damp, cold and passive, while Yang usually refers to energies that are hot, warm, and active.

Nowadays with the advancement of online shopping and the urgent need for digitalizing storefronts, Most Chinese medicine shops have also made their way online with many stores popping up on e-commerce and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

These platforms have allowed for an easier way to connect with people from all over the world who are interested in TCM.

However, not all shops are the real deal. So be sure to do your own research before buying anything from a particular shop. For example, if you are interested to buy TCM such as bai feng wan pills, then look for a Chinese shop that is reputable, trustworthy and has more than just a good online bai feng wan review.

How Might Shops that Sell Chinese Herbs and Products Benefit you?

Shops that sell Chinese herbs, minerals, and other TCM products such as bird’s nest, po chai wan or bai feng wan offer prescriptions to cure illnesses, relieve symptoms, improve the immune system, or maintain health. These shops are usually owned by people who have learned about the healing properties of these substances. Chinese medicine shops also offer treatments to help people with general health problems like pain relief, colds, flu, headaches, along with traditional remedies like acupuncture and massage therapy for specific conditions.

What Should you Look for in a Good Chinese Medicine Shops?

Look for somebody who knows about Chinese medicinal or premium herbs, somebody who will be able to offer you advice on the best course of action. Look at the qualifications that the practitioner holds.

They should be registered with a public or private organisation that regulates Chinese medicine practitioners in their country.

This will give you the assurance that they are qualified to do what they say they can do!

The staff should also be knowledgeable about the products they are selling. They should have the ability to answer any questions you have, and they should know how to administer treatments.

Good prices are another sign of a good physical store. A reasonable price starts with what is on the label of the product, but it is also important to consider what is in the container behind the counter. If the Chinese Medicine Shop is a reputable and well known one, their pricing usually reflects the quality of the precious herbs and other healt related tonics.

How do you Find the Right Traditional Medicine for Your Health Condition?

There are many ways you can use traditional medicine to aid your health condition. Before you approach a reputable and certified TCM practitioner for a suitable remedy or treatment, ask yourself questions like these:

1) What are my symptoms?

2) How long have I had this condition?

3) What helps my condition? What makes it worse?

4) What do I want out of the TCM treatment?

5) How much does the TCM treatment cost?

Why Should you Consult with a Doctor at a TCM Clinic?

TCM doctors are experts in Eastern and Western medicine and medical practices.

They are able to diagnose the root cause of symptoms and provide customized treatments for patients. These doctors can be consulted for a wide range of health conditions including anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, migraines, asthma, constipation and diabetes mellitus type II.

They can also help with fertility issues like low sperm count or irregular periods in women.

Consulting with a TCM doctor is the best way to find the right medicine for your health problems, and protect you from adverse reactions or interactions that could lead to other health issues.

This also ensures that you are not wasting money on ineffective or substandard products.


A Chinese medicine shop is a store that sells TCM that are made from plants, animals, and minerals. It offers treatments to help people with general health problems. Always seek the help of an expert to find the right products and treatments for your health condition.

Thye Shan Medicall Hall can provide the expert advises that you need for your TCM needs. With over 66 Years of experience in Singapore since 1955, we are a heritage brand that has accumulated a large number of customers over multiple decades.

Our medicated oils and our precious herbal tonics are well recieved by the general public.

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