Shihu Dendrobium Wild Superior Grade (Huoshan) 60g 精选野山霍山石斛


Shihu Dendrobium Premium (Huoshan) 60g 霍山石斛

  • Also known as: Shi Hu, Dendrobium, Dendrobium Nobile
  • Introduction: This herb comes from the stem of the Dendrobium nobile Lindl. It is considered a rare and precious herb in TCM that grows atop the perpendicular cliff walls. This herb is particularly good for Yin deficiency and heatiness. It acts as a moisture in the body with its slightly cooling nature, hence nourishing Yin in Kidneys and stomach. It is great for the eyes and skin. This is the premium grade product.
  • Benefits: It enriches Yin, generates fluids in the body, and reduces heatiness. The main target organs are the Kidneys, Liver, Stomach, Lungs. It greatly improves condition of dry and tired eyes. The moisturing effect improves dry skin conditions.
  • 功能主治效:养阴清热,生津利咽, 养阴利尿,清肝明目,益气健脾,滋阴补肾。对于眼睛疲劳有效。
  • Indications: Drink once per day.
  • How to cook (for 1 person):
    • Gently rinse 3-5 pieces of Shihu Dendrobium Premium (Huoshan) 霍山石斛.
    • Boil with 1 litre of water, and simmer for 30 to 45 minutes.
    • Serve warm. Take once daily.
  • 服法及用量: 内服,每日一次。每次 3 至 5 粒 Shihu Dendrobium Premium (Huoshan) 霍山石斛。
  • Optional additional ingredients: Mai Dong (麦冬), Wolfberries / Goji Berries (枸杞子).
  • Optional cooking method: Double boil with chicken or pork. Can also be made as a stew in dishes.
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