ER BAO Tonics Powder Blends 37.5g 二宝细粉系列


ER BAO Thye Shan Tonics Powder Blends 37.5g 二宝细粉系列 American Ginseng and Dendrobium Powder

  • Services offered: We can offer encapsulation services. Do state your requirements in “Order Notes” section when checking out.
  • Benefits: Strengthens liver; Improves vision; Restores energy; Removes heat from the body.
  • Indications: Mix ER BAO in warm water. Take 1 spatula (provided) of ER BAO in the morning and 1 spatula at night daily, before food.
  • Ingredients: American Ginseng 美国泡参; Dendrobium from HuoShan 霍山石斛
  • Especially good for: People who feel “heaty”, lack energy and feel tired easily, have tired and dry eyes, often fall sick, stressed individuals who lead active busy lives, irritability and fatigue.
  • Please keep refrigerated.
  • Suggest to leave a 2 hour gap between Chinese Herbal products and Western medicine, drugs or supplements.
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