Chilli Brand Hot Chilli Plaster Large 2s (Astrapharm) 辣椒膏药 辣椒风湿膏布


Chilli Brand Hot Chilli Plaster Large 2s (Astrapharm) 辣椒膏药 辣椒风湿膏布

This item is only sold in bundles of 2. Contains 2 pieces of Chilli Brand Hot Chilli Plasters (Large).

Looking for a pain relief patch with a cooling sensation? Check out Shu Jin Zhen Tong Balm K.T.T (Large) Medicated Plaster!

Forged from a classic pain relief formula since 1961, “Chilli Brand” Hot Chilli Plaster by Astrapharmacy contains active ingredients such as Capsaicin that helps with relieving pain, whle providing a warm, comfy sensation on the skin. This promotes blood circulation, to help relieve sore muscles, strains and sprains, as well as arthritic pain.

Besides its great pain relief efficacy, “Chilli Brand” Plasters are Odourless, and highly adhesive, ensuring that the plaster will be kept firmly on the skin of the affected area. With porous cloth, it allows the free passage of air to reduce maceration.

Actions and Indications: Promotes Blood Circulation, Relieves Sore Muscles, Strains and Sprains, as well as Arthritic Pain.

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