Confinement 28 Day Herbal Package – 28 Days of Wholesome Rejuvenation (泰山药行28天坐月配套)


Why is postnatal confinement important for new mums such as yourself?

After giving birth, new mummies such as yourself will be prone to certain conditions which require an ample amount of rest to recover swiftly. The more common postnatal conditions include Lochiorrhea and postpartum hypogalactia.

How can Confinement 28 Day Herbal Package help nourish your body during postnatal confinement?

Our Confinement 28 Day Herbal Package provides the essential nourishment for you throughout the 28 days postnatal confinement period. The combination of herbal supplements, herbal soups and herbal teas work hand in hand to ensure that your body will be well nourished, well rested and feeling energetic by the end of the confinement period. This is achieved by following our specially crafted daily schedule for consuming herbal products, which you will receive upon purchase of our confinement pack.

The Confinement 28 Day Herbal Package contains:

18 essential herbal soups packed by our expert staff with curated ingredients to nurse you back to health

2 Chinese proprietary medicines that aims to improve energy levels, blood flow and other benefits during this vital period.

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