YuYi Gourmet Abalone Hokkaido Scallop XO Sauce 御意珍品鲍鱼XO酱


YuYi Gourmet Abalone Hokkaido Scallop XO Sauce 泰山御意珍品鲍鱼XO酱

  • YUYI GOURMET ABALONE XO SAUCE is a connoisseur’s choice condiment that uses premium quality ingredients to achieve a rich delicious “Umami” taste. Meticulously hand-crafted, its distinctive flavour and texture will transform simple dishes into mouth-watering meals, promising to bring delight to discerning palates.
  • 御意珍品鲍鱼XO酱,肯定是美食家的首选。采用高品质食材添加特质酱料,配合手工精心制作而成。咀嚼时那股独特的鲜味与口感,必定触动您的味蕾,更丰富了佳肴美馔的滋味。
  • 100% Natural 100% 纯天然
  • No Added Preservative or Additive 不添加防腐剂和人造色素
  • Ingredients: Japanese Hokkaido Dried Scallops, Australian Abalone, Dried Shrimp, Garlic, Chili, Candle Nut, Sugar, Oil
  • Storage: Please refrigerate upon opening
  • Net weight: 180g
  • Made in Singapore
  • Quality Product of Thye Shan Medical Hall Pte Ltd
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