Liu Wei Di Huang Wan 200s (Foci Brand) 佛慈 六味地黄丸


Liu Wei Di Huang Wan 200s Foci Brand 佛慈 六味地黄丸

  • Introduction: Contains Chinese Yam Rhizome which is an ornamental vine that grows extensively in Asia. Liu Wei Di Huang Wan supports the health of your circulatory and immune systems, kidneys, bodily tissues and lumbar region, along with your knees and ears.
  • Actions and Indications: To replenish Yin of the kidney. Deficiency of the kidney yin marked by dizziness, aching and limpness of loins and knees, consumptive fever.
  • Dosage (Oral): 8 to 16 pills, three times daily. Taken orally with boiled water or salty solution before meal.
  • Side Effect: Not Observed.
  • Key notes: Not advised to consume in conjunction with common cold medicines.
  • Contraindications: For pregnant individuals, use with caution.
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