Zhen Zhen Hao Fever & Flu Tea 5 Packets 真真 感冒茶


Zhen Zhen Hao Fever & Flu Tea 5 Packets 真真 感冒茶

Simple and easy to prepare! Just Brew & Drink. 5 Minutes ready-to-drink Tea Bag Style.

Great for office workers, as a change in temperature in the office and the outdoor air might cause common cold and body fatigue.

Drink Zhen Zhen Hao Fever & Flu Tea to ensure good health and improve body fitness. Convenient for travelling and handy in every household and office.


  • Headache, Giddiness
  • Fever, Common Cold, Chills
  • Body Fatigue, Bodyache

Composition: Traditionally formulated and manufactured from 100% Chinese herbs.

  • No preservatives and no artificial colourings added.
  • No known side effects.
  • Hygienically packed in aluminum foil by automated machine to preserve its natural goodness.

Manufactured in Singapore.

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