Watermelon Frost Powder Insufflations 3g (Sanjin) 3g 三金西瓜霜喷剂


Watermelon Frost Powder insufflations 3g (Sanjin) 3g 三金西瓜霜喷剂

Great for individuals with mouth and / or throat ulcers. Tried and true formula.

Indications: Relieves signs of bodily heat, swelling and pain in throat, or even sore throat or ulcer. Helps to reduce inflammation on throat and upper respiratory tract that arise due to sores or ulcerating sores in the mouth and on tongue, painful swollen gums, tonsillitis, acute/chronic inflammation of the pharynx (pharyngitis), stomatitis, gingivitis, and bleeding of the gum.

How to use: Spray or spread on the affected area an appropriate quantity. Apply several times a day.

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