Nin Jiom Cold Remedy Granules 5gx10s 念慈庵葛根汤


Introduction: From the brand that brought you the famous Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Sore Throat Syrup, Nin Jiom Cold Remedy concentrated granules made with natural herbs, relieves general discomforts brought by initial stages of the common cold and flu. 

Actions and Indications: Relieves discomfort brought by early stages of common cold and flu. Relieves headaches, chills, muscle pain and even body fever without sweating. Common Colds, initial stages of flu, blocked nose or runny nose, headache, muscular aches and fever.

Dosage: Adult (15 years old and above): Take one sachet twice a day before meals. Take granules orally with warm water or dissolve granules in warm water and drink.

Continue dosage until condition improves, or as directed by the physician.

Children Dosage: Please refer to the insert included in the package.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, under protection from heat and moisture.

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