American Ginseng: A Root Plant with Superior Benefits

Ginseng is a traditional medicine that was discovered in China and has been used as relief for centuries now. This herb slowly grows from under the ground with a fleshy root. Depending on the length of its growing time, it can be classified as fresh, red, or white.

The fresh ginseng variant can be harvested as early as four years. Meanwhile, the white ginseng can only be harvested between the time span of four to six years. Lastly, the red ginseng takes the longest time to harvest as you will need to wait for six years or more.

The power of Ginseng

Ginseng can also be classified according to its type, and the most known is the Asian Ginseng and the American ginseng. Each has a different active compound concentration and body effects, but both are packed with health benefits.

Some scientifically proven health benefits of ginseng are:

1.    An antioxidant that reduces inflammation, as well as slowing down damages to cells caused by unstable molecules our body produces.

2.   Can boosts your brain function and improve your memory, behaviour, mood, and the like.

3.    It may be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, that is if you do not have the means for medical treatment.

4.    An immune system booster.

5.    Although it cannot eliminate cancer, it may actually help in reducing cancer risks.

Asian Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)

The first discovered variant of the ginseng family is the Asian ginseng. It is also the most well known. Some people call it Panax Ginseng, which is the scientific name, Korean Ginseng, or Chinese Ginseng. Its most active and important chemicals are ginsenosides.

What Is Panax Ginseng Good for?

Example of Asian Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) (Credits: Alzdiscovery)

Panax ginseng is more of a relaxing agent, and it has natural substances that may stimulate your resistance from stressors. This adaptogen is consumed through the mouth to help with memory skills, depression, and Alzheimer disease.

It can also be helpful to reduce the risks of catching a cold or flu, lessen fatigue for those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and increase sexual stimuli for healthy people.

As precaution, do not use it for more than six months as it can cause long-term negative effects related with hormone.

American Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolius)

Example of American Ginsengs (Credits: Canadian Academy of Sports and Nutrition)

American ginseng is declared as a threatened species in North America because of the high demand for this herb. It’s an ingredient used for a diverse line of products – from soft drinks to oils and extracts, to cosmetics and soap.

Like the Asian ginseng, ginseng panax quinquefolius main component is also the ginsenoside that may affect insulin levels and decrease blood sugar. It is mixed with polysaccharides that affect a person’s immune system.

What Is American Ginseng Good for?

While Asian ginseng is a relaxing agent, the American ginseng slices are the opposite— it is an invigorating agent. It’s a herb that can help regain energy.

American ginseng supplementation may be effective for airway infection and can prevent cold and flu, like the Asian ginseng.

Here are more things about what is American ginseng good for. There is not enough medical evidence to back up its effectiveness on the following, but it can still help, based on numerous accounts:

a.    Breast cancer patients may perform and feel better with this ginseng.

b.    It can somehow help alleviate the tiredness of cancer patients.

c.    Cognitive functions may be improved for a short amount of time with American ginseng.

d.    It can reduce a few physical side effects for those who take antipsychotic drugs.

e.    May aid with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

Don’t Be Confused!

Asian ginseng and American ginseng may both be types of ginseng, but they have quite different effects from one another.

Similarly don’t limit yourself between both ginsengs, as there are many herbal medicines that can help with a whole host of medical issues — from blood sugar levels, acute respiratory illness and assisting with cancer related fatigue (Though there is no double blind placebo controlled experiment to confirm this).

Not only do these two, as other ginseng plants also differ a lot from each other.

If you want a specific effect, do not read-only about the general term ginseng! Find the specific ginseng for your specific bodily need.

Moreover, it is easy to know how to cook herbal soup. Usually, you just need to boil your ginseng with water like tea. You can also get some convenient Chinese herbal soup packets to indulge in wholesome ginseng soup and drinks in an easy to cook manner!

For starters, if you wish to indulge in high quality American Ginseng, look no further than our own range of aged american ginseng! From the regular high quality aged ginseng slices, to the superior grade American Ginseng Slices, we got your preferences covered!


ALWAYS consult a medical professional before attempting any self-medication. Do not take advice from the internet as every person reacts differently to each prescription.

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