Superior Aged American Ginseng Slices 50g 精选老山花旗参片 50克


Our top-grade American Ginseng Slices, cherry-picked and hand packed with care by our professional staff in a convenient package, just for you!

Benefits: Nourishes “Yin”; Reduces heat in the body; Soothe lungs; Promotes the secretion of body fluids; Quench thirst and restores energy; Improve energy; Helps with symptoms of aging; Supports healthy brain functions and memory, Nourish bodily fluids. (滋阴补气、宁神益智、清热生津)

Especially good for: People who feel “heaty”, lack energy and feel tired easily, often fall sick, stressed individuals who lead active busy lives, those prone to insomnia, irritability and fatigue.

Suitable for all ages
Convenient to prepare for a health-nourishing meal.
A Quality Product of Thye Shan Medical Hall 泰山药行出品

In stock

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