Premium XL Extra Large Ningxia Wolfberry (Sulphur Free) 275g 特大宁夏杞子皇(无硫磺)


Premium XL Extra Large Ningxia Wolfberry (Sulphur Free) 275g 特大宁夏杞子皇 (无硫磺)

New and Improved Packaging that guarantees freshness.

1 Bag contains 275g of Sulphur Free Premium-Grade Extra Large (XL) Ningxia Wolfberries.

Why pick Thye Shan Premium Large Ningxia Wolfberry?

Top Grade All Natural Ningxia Wolfberry: Ask any wolfberry connoisseurs and they will state that the best wolfberries hail from Zhongning, Ningxia. This is due to their unique sweet and pure taste, with slight bitterness. Thye Shan only packs Authentic Ningxia Wolfberries with no artificial preservatives, to ensure that you only get the highest-quality wolfberries available, at a reasonable price.

Large in Size: While most other wolfberries that originate from Mongolia or Qinghai are usually known to be small in size and round, Zhongning Ningxia wolfberries are distinctively longer, flatter and larger in size.

Sulphur Free: Sulphur is an element that is used in making fertilizers, industrial feedstocks and plant nutrients. It doesn’t sound edible, yet some food products are rich in sulphur. While Sulphur can be important to the human body, too much sulphur can result in diarrhea, and even gut inflammation. This is why we keep our wolfberries sulphur free.

Most Wolfberries with sulphur are usually bright red and vibrant, however, our very own Ningxia wolfberries are dark red in colour, which is what sulphur free wolfberries should look like. So treat your stomach to some sulphur free wolfberries, your digestive system will thank you.


  • Rich in antioxidants (anti-aging and cancer fighting).
  • Improves vision and liver
  • Nourish Yin and improves blood and hence having beautiful skin and complexion.
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