Sheng Hua Tang 生化汤 Postnatal Soup


Sheng Hua Tang 生化汤

  • Also known as: Sheng Hua Soup, Confinement Soup
  • What is it: This is a traditional Chinese herbal soup taken 3-4 days after birth, during the postnatal or confinement period. Aids postpartum women to a speedy recovery. 产后调养. Recommend to take 1 to 2 packs only.
  • Functions: Improve Qi and Blood flow, remove blood stasis or cleanse the blood, warms the body, relief pain after child birth, regulate Lochia (Vaginal) discharge.
  • What is in the box: 1 pack of Sheng Hua Tang 生化汤, with separately packed saffron (红花).
  • Saffron (红花): This is a separately packed herb. This herb is added towards the end only (后下). It helps to remove blood stasis, 驱淤血.
  • Not suitable for: Pregnant women, Children. 孕妇与儿童禁用
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