Du Zhong Tonic Soup 杜仲补腰汤


The best soup for Invigorating Qi, and improving vitality!
Helps strengthen back and kidneys!

Du Zhong Tonic Soup 杜仲补腰汤 (Du Zhong Bu Yao Tang)

  • Thye Shan Du Zhong Tonic Soup 杜仲补腰汤 is a convenient Chinese herbal soup packet that is easy to cook for 2 to 6 pax.
  • Also known as: Du Zhong Kidney Supplement Tonic Soup, Kidney Tonic Soup, Du Zhong Bu Yao Tang, Du Zhong Tonic Soup, Eucommia (Du Zhong) Soup
  • Functions: Improves vitality, Invigorates Qi and Energy, Strengthens the back and kidneys, Aids lower back pain, Improves blood circulation.
  • 功能:壮腰健肾、强筋健骨
  • What is in the box: 1 pack of Du Zhong Tonic Soup 杜仲补腰汤
  • Optional additional ingredients: Pig tail, or pork ribs, or lean chicken, light soy sauce, fresh ginger, red dates.
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