W. Atelier | 品 Prestige | Thye Shan Health Talk Series 乐享养生美食,一起健康

Valuing age-less beauty, we tied up with SieMatic (Est. 1929) at W. Atelier and lifestyle magazine 品Prestige magazine in launching this health series event. We shared with our participants the different types of ginseng and how to consume each one.

Thereafter, we did a live demonstration on our American Ginseng Soup 花旗参补气汤 which is a versatile soup for family and friends, young and old. We showed how simple a soup can be cooked. Participants managed to have a great bowl of piping hot and delicious American Ginseng Soup to be energised for the week.

American Ginseng Soup benefits: Nourishes the stomach and spleen, Improves vitality, Strengthens the body (健脾养胃/大补元气/滋补肝肾). This is especially suitable to combat common illness from our tropical unpredictable weathers.