Lingzhi Jin Feng Wan 灵芝金凤丸


Lingzhi Jin Feng Wan 灵芝金凤丸 – A supplement for Females

  • Also known as: Bai Feng Wan 白凤丸, Bak Foong Pill, Female Liver Tonic, Female blood nourishing pill.
  • This is a Natural Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula by Thye Shan Medical Hall since 1960.
  • Benefits: Inducing regular menstruation and tonifying blood, Improving blood circulation and relieving pain, Nourishing Yin and dispelling coldness, Strengthening the body to combat fatigue and provide a radiant complexion, maintain good female health – menstrual cycle, hormone balance, skin, weight.
  • Suitable for: Females with irregular menstruation, menstrual blood volume or viscosity unnatural, blood lumps in menstrual blood, menstrual cramps young females who just started their cycle and experience pain, menopause, looking for skin complexion improvements.
  • Indications: Irregular menstruation, deficiency of vital energy and blood, soreness and aching of abdomen and loins, sallow complexion.
  • Dosage: Take 20 pills (3.28g) each time, twice a day after meals. For basic health, take 10 pills once daily after meals. Stop taking during your period.
  • Not recommended for: Pregnant women.
  • Approval obtained from Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore
  • Made in Singapore; Product of Singapore