Cordyceps Flower (Stroma) 50g 虫草花


Cordyceps Stroma 50g 虫草花

  • 50g of Cordyceps Stroma 50g 虫草花
  • Commonly used to add in soups and teas. Can also be used in other dishes.
  • Delicious and sweet.
  • Commonly known as Cordyceps flower, Chong Cao Hua or Mushroom Cordyceps Militaris.
  • Benefits: Improves energy, Qi, Improves blood circulation and regulate blood sugar level. Improves the function of our immunity system and respiratory system. Strengthens our kidneys.
  • Keep refrigerated for freshness.

Product of Thye Shan Medical Hall 泰山药行出品

Suitable for all ages

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