Bundle of 2: Aged American Ginseng 50g (老山花旗参片双片配套) + FREE Superior Ningxia Wolfberry 300g (宁夏杞子皇)


2x Aged American Ginseng 50g with FREE INCLUDED Superior Ningxia Wolfberry 300g worth $11.20

This is one bundle you cannot miss! Bundling the energy improving and lung nourishing benefits of the Aged American Ginseng, with the antioxidant-rich content in the Superior Ningxia Wolfberries, and you have a combination of ultimate wellness benefits.


Aged American Ginseng: Nourishes “Yin”; Reduces heat in the body; Soothe lungs; Promotes the secretion of body fluids; Quench thirst and restores energy; Improve energy; Helps with symptoms of aging; Supports healthy brain functions and memory, Nourish bodily fluids

Superior Ningxia Wolfberry: Rich in antioxidants (anti-aging and cancer fighting), improves vision and liver, nourishes ”Yin” and improves blood and hence resulting in beautiful skin complexion.

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