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Humble Beginnings

Image of old Thye Shan Medical Hall

Thye Shan Medical Hall was founded in 1955 by the late Mr Chan Chak Poey who had migrated to Singapore from China’s Guangdong province in 1938. Mr Chan had been an apprentice in his Father’s Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Hall when he was growing up in Guangzhou. In Singapore, after a series of hardships, he finally fulfilled his dream of setting up his own TCM Hall in Chinatown to provide quality Chinese medicine and Physician services to bring good health and well-being to one and all.

The Company Today

Image of current Thye Shan Medical Hall

Today, Thye Shan Medical Hall has withstood the test of time and is a part of Chinatown's living history.

We are pleased to have been named as one of less than 30 Heritage Brands by the Chinatown Business Association (CBA). To be eligible as a Heritage Brand, the brand must have been established in Chinatown for at least 30 years and still be in operation in Chinatown today. We are also the proud recipient of the Heartland Enterprise Star Award 2014 (Heritage Enterprise). This award recognises the heartland enterprise as an expert in the trade and who has contributed significantly to conserving a legacy in Singapore for more than 25 years.

We have 3 retail outlets in Singapore. In 2007, we established a HACCP-certified manufacturing facility in Singapore to expand our manufacturing capacity to brew our popular herbal teas according to stringent hygiene and quality standards.

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Thye Shan is well known for the quality of our products and professionalism of our people. Our flagship series of medicated oils and herbal supplements, which were developed in accordance with trusted age-old formulations, continue to be available under the Thye Shan and Pin Li brands. We have also expanded our range of precious herbs, premium tonics, health supplements, herbal teas and other health products to ensure that choice and quality are continuously available to our valued Customers. For our busy Customers, a wide range of nourishing herbal soups is pre-packed for your convenience.

Image of history

If you would like to seek medical advice, our team of experienced and qualified Chinese Physicians accurately identify the root of medical conditions, and recommend effective and convenient solutions.

To ensure a high level of professionalism, our employees receive regular training to keep them informed on the latest research findings and developments in TCM.

We are a one-stop TCM provider that will help you achieve optimal health and well-being. Please visit us to let us assist you. Click here for store locations and contact details.